Lusso was created in 2018 by the DaCosta sisters after the realization that they were buying dresses for every event they attended, and the guilt of spending hundreds of dollars on each dress that they'd only wear once crept up on them every time they would look inside their closet.

Each sister graduated from university in business (accounting, business management, and marketing), so they used their business-driven minds to create a solution to their problem which was dress rentals. Lusso Dress Hire finally started after months of consideration in one of the sister's bedrooms late at night when they thought "let's just start this company!" With no business plan or funding, the sisters created the website, social media pages, and ordered a few dresses from a brand who wanted to offer their pieces for rent at Lusso.


Lusso now has a growing collection of dresses from many different designers and brands, with the goal of having a dress for everyone to wear at every event. The collection includes gowns, two-piece sets, suits, mini and midi dresses, and will continue to expand to cater to all ages and body types.


The DaCosta sisters want to make a change in the way people shop, as they are very passionate about sustainability and the slow fashion movement. They appreciate everyone who rents a dress, as it is a small gesture that can create a big change for the world. The sisters will continue to expand Lusso in many different ways, in which they will create a name for the brand in the markets they are passionate about.