Includes 4-day rental and cleaning

(Retail Price: $271.00)


The Sahar is a combination of two features; floor-length mermaid silhouette and vertical boning to elongate. The thick textured jersey fabric hugs you in all the right places and ensures a smooth overall finish. The strapless design features moulded mermaid cups and a puddle train which forms beautifully from the thick Jersey fabric. 


Contents: 95% Polyester / 5% Elastane

Please note, dress has been pinned on model. 

Lexi Sahar Dress

  • *Price reflects 4-day rental

    *Price includes dry cleaning upon return 

  • By renting a dress with Lusso Dress Hire you are consenting to the following terms and conditions:

    • Garments are to be treated with appropriate care to ensure the safekeeping of the garment during the rental period and you will bear all risk until the garment is returned to Lusso Dress Hire.
    • A credit card will be required at the beginning of the rental period.
      • Should there be any damage to the garment that is not reparable, the full retail price of the dress will be charged.
      • If there are any remedies available to repair the dress to a sellable condition, any repairs to the garment will be the responsibility of the customer who will be charged back for such repairs.
      • Any small wear and tear on the garment is exempt from the above and will be assessed upon the garment being returned. 
    • Should the garment not be returned after the 4-day rental period, a late fee of $20/day will be charged until the garment has been returned. 
      • Should the garment not be returned after 10 days it will be considered non-returned and the customer will be charged the full retail price of the garment. 
    • If the garment gets lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair whether or not it is due to your negligence, the full retail price of the garment will be charged.
    • Garments should not be cleaned, pressed, altered or repaired in anyway. Lusso Dress Hire will remain responsible for the cleaning of garments in between rental periods.
    • The garment may not be in its original condition and may be subject to wear and tear.
    • The fees associated with the rental of the garment are not refundable. Should there be any issues with the booking where a garment is not available for the requested date, the fee paid can be put towards another rental of equal or l